Jamstar, Real Racing 3, and More

Regretting that you never had time to pursue your rockstar ambitions? What about childhood fantasies of being a race car driver? Interior designer? Well, whatever your secret dreams may be (well, assuming they're one of the above), this week's slew of Android apps want to make them become a reality—a virtual one, but a reality nonetheless. Sort of.


Jamstar: Learn-to-play-guitar apps are a dime a dozen, and to be honest, most of them aren't worth the data they take to download. Light up fretboards are great—until you try to move over to a real, non-illuminated guitar. JamStar, though, works more like a real live, actual guitar teacher would to help you get better on a real live, actual guitar. [Free]

Real Racing 3: Download at your own risk. Incredibly fun and dangerously addictive, Real Racing 3 is the newest installment of the popular Real Racing series. You'll be driving in Dubai with new cars, new tracks, and 50+ new events for you to get sucked into. Plus, it's free. You've got nothing to lose—you know, other than all sense of productivity and purpose. [Free]


Furnish: Known once upon a time as IKEA Now, the now-revamped virtual remodeling app changed its name after running into a bit of legal trouble. But they're back and better than ever, bringing Android support and the addition of more than just IKEA furniture. So you can refurnish every room in your home as often as you want without spending a dime. [Free]

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