Japan Folllows US With Push To Talk

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Frankly, I'm stunned. Not to silence of course, but stunned all the same. Japan's biggest mobile operator has actually taken a cue from the US and announced a new line of push-to-talk cellphones. Of course, they're going to be 3G, high speed walkie-talkie phones, but still, we did it first! DoCoMo is talking about unveiling six of these phones in their winter line-up and both KDDI Corp and Vodaphone are also planning on coming out with similar phones later in the year. The service will cost five yen per call or 1000 yen monthly. And if you're really desperate for friends, for just 2000 yen a month, you can speak to 20 people at one time.

DoCoMo unveils walkie-talkie phones [Reuters]


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