If what's missing from your life is a light-up poop, then fear not, because your happiness is sitting in a Japanese vending machine. Epoch, purveyor of the USB darts board, has come up with the weirdness that is a flashlight shaped like a turd, or Unchi, as they are known over in Japan.


Available in either Pepto-Bismol or jaundice, there are three styles of Unchi to choose from: Futsuu Unchi, or normal turd; Tochuu Unchi, a turd passing through—that's the one above that looks like it's in a hurry; and Omori Unchi, the jumbo-sized one.

The purpose? I think it's a cellphone charm meant to bring you luck, but at two inches in length, it seems a bit big to have dangling from your mobile. Perhaps the makers believe it should go somewhere else? [Digital World Tokyo]