Japanese Wii Release Date, Pricing Revealed: Dec. 2, $212

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Today is Nintendo's big Wii day, and they've just announced December 2 as the official Japan release date for their latest video game console. Whereas U.S. are expected to pay $250 on November 19, Japanese gamers will only have to pay ¥25,000, or about $212.

Other launch details have emerged as well, including the revelation that there'll be 16 launch titles, including the Wii-enhanced version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The console will come bundled with one controller (the "Wii-mote, including the nunchuck), sensor bar, and two AA batteries, along with the usual AV cables.


So, if things play out the way we think, we'll get the Wii first! Wii're so lucky!

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