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Japan's New Attack On Titan Theme Park Exhibit Looks Completely Insane

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Are you 1) heading to Japan in the next few months, 2) an Attack on Titan fan and 3) not utterly freaked out by the above picture? If you said yes to all three questions, then you might consider stopping by Universal Studios Japan for an Attack on Titan-themed attraction that will blow your tiny, non-Titan-sized mind.

According to Anime News Network:

The attraction will feature a full-size, 15-meter (about 49-foot) Eren Titan — the first of its kind in the world, according to the theme park — as well as a 14-meter (46-foot)female Titan. Visitor will witness the Titans locked in fierce combat from the perspective of Survey Corps members.


I have no idea how they'll accomplish this, but if it's anything like this promo video, it's probably going to be awesome:


The exhibit is part of Universal Japan Cool, which also includes attractions based on Evangelion, as well as the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter videogame franchises. I can't imagine any of these other features will be include a moment even a tenth as disconcerting as the image up top, though.

If you aren't permanently scarred, the park will also offer replica Survey Corps cloaks and other merchandise, as well as Attack on Titan-inspired "rations":

Universal Studios Japan will serve "Survey Corps' expeditionary rations" with bacon, a potato, black tea-flavored bread, and soup (for leaders) or just a potato, bread, and soup (general issue for regular soldiers). Also available are company black tea and colossal Titan mousse, complete with a blade.

I suggest eating them after you experiencing the event... just in case.