Java Now Dumps Adware on to Macs, Too

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There are a lot of reason not to use Java—but here's one more to add to the list. The latest release of Oracle's ubiquitous software now also dumps a load of crapware on to your Mac.


Java has long installed adware onto Windows PCs, but now it also does the same to OS X too. The update instruction for Java 8 Update 40 on Mac explain that "Oracle has partnered with companies that offer various products." If you don't pay attention when you install the software, you'll be burdened with hi-jacked search function and ad-laden results thanks to

Of course, there's increasingly less need to use Java—but if you do, from now on you should be careful when you update it. With Lenovo's Superfish incident fresh in our memories, it seems that we still, in 2015, can't escape the corporate desire to fill our computers with junk. [ZDNet via Engadget]


Image by Naoto Sato

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