Justin Timberlake's Hashtag Nightmare Comes to Life, Thanks JC Penney

Last week, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon deftly explained to the world that hashtags make us sound like idiots—with humor. Well, JC Penney thought it was funny, but apparently, the company didn't learn a goshdarn thing about the evil of hashtags. Oh, god no, JC Penney. Please, god no, please, don't do this.


So the whole point of the video that went viral last week was that hashtags are stupid. It would be absolutely ridiculous if we all wandered around the world randomly hashtagging our everyday conversation. So JC Penney, a nearly-bankrupt retail outfit, is taking this as a cue to encourage us to hashtag in real life. We should cheapen our conversation and our lives in exchange for a discount. No!

Seriously, WTF JC Penney. Think about what you're encouraging here:

Since JC Penney didn't get the message, maybe we should be a little clearer.

  • Do not go to JC Penney.
  • Do not say hashag offer at the register.
  • Do not get a hashtag discount.
  • Do not hashtag in real life or otherwise.

Think of all the unfortunate souls who, for a little cash, are actually going to say "hashtag offer" at their local JC Penney. [BuzzFeed]



It appears JC Penney thought better of it's dumb hashtag idea and made the video above private.



Brent Rose

And motherfucking Subway, too:

It's playing over and over again on Hulu. Sucking my will to live.