Are Jeep and Mitsubishi using the same car alarm codes? Check out this video, where our beloved bloodbrother Ray Wert at Jalopnik wants to get into his Jeep, hits the unlock button on his remote key fob, and the alarm goes off in the Mitsubishi next to his Jeep. WTF? Ray tells us that Mitsubishi and Daimler Chrysler, Jeep's maker, once shared components, so maybe this is just a coincidence.

This happened to me one time, where a valet parker brought me the wrong car, an identical model to mine in which my keys actually worked. Could happen. Anyway, car alarms are a big pain in the ass; they make lots of unwelcome and unexpected noises when not needed, and any self-respecting car thief can defeat them, anyway. But at least they could all have unique codes.


Breaking Odds! Wert Encounters Strangeness In Detroit Parking Garage [Jalopnik]