JetBlue Is Solving Los Angeles' Freeway Problems with $4 Flights

Illustration for article titled JetBlue Is Solving Los Angeles Freeway Problems with $4 Flights

On Saturday, July 16th, the eternally traffic jammed 405 Freeway in Los Angeles will be shut down. It's CARMAGEDDON! No worries though, JetBlue will fly you around the Los Angeles area for only 4 bucks that day.


It's a silly PR stunt and I doubt anyone would seriously do it (what are you going to do once you get to the airport?) but JetBlue is offering two flights from Burbank to Long Beach and two flights from Long Beach to Burbank for 4 bucks a pop. If I still lived in LA, I'd probably do this for the giggles. [JetBlue]

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I actually always wondered if they could do something like that in NYC... imagine flying from JFK to Newark and avoiding the GWB traffic... or LGA to Islip and avoiding the LIE....