JH Audio's JH 13 Pro earphones have six drivers—two woofers, two midranges, and two tweeters, which gives them "dynamics that are so much more visceral" than any other in-ear headphones Cnet's Audiophiliac has ever heard.


The bass is "highly addictive" and its "resolution of fine detail is extraordinary," with isolation so solid it'll block screeching NYC subway cars (that's amazing, if you've ever heard the 6 train pull into Union Square, which sounds like a dying elephant shoved into a blender with a cat and the Phoenix). Of course, any headphones this high end require custom molds from an audiologist, which adds another $150 to the price. Steve says they're worth $1100, not just because they're hand-built and designed Jerry Harvey, who founded Ultimate Ears, but because you'll get 10 years of use out of them—which, looked at from that angle, isn't so bad. Check out the full review here: [Cnet]

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