Jobo Giga Vu Pro:evolution for Pro Photogs

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The Jobo Giga Vu Pro:evolution is a portable media player created specifically for professional photographers, with specialized capabilities that will be appreciated by those who create high-end images in the field and need a portable yet trustworthy proofing tool.


Bring images in via CF card, and this player is able to review them using a histogram, can detect dust and blown highlights, and has a crosshair readout for RGB values. With an optional CF wireless card, it can function as an FTP server that connects with WiFi-enabled cameras. Its 3.7-inch 640x480 LCD doesn't sound like it has a tremendous amount of resolution, but down at the 3.7-inch level, that's some pretty sharp-looking video. Pricing starts at $500 for 40 gigs, up to $900 for the 120GB model.

Jobo Giga Vu PRO:evolution [DAP Preview]

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