Joby's iPad Case Strikes Many Poses

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Considering Joby came up with the Gorillapod, it's no huge surprise that their combination iPad case/stand has a pretty interesting design. Made from lightweight aluminum, Ori will let your iPad rest virtually every which way, and protect it afterwards.


Whether you need to prop your iPad up on a table for reading and writing, or if you want to rest it on your lap while sitting, the Ori looks like it's capable of handling most usage scenarios. to its multiple folding mechanisms. And when used as a protective case, it has a microfiber lining that prevents the tablet from taking scratches. The only potential hurdle? It costs $80, which is a wee bit high for an accessory, even if it seems like a really nice one.

For further evidence, check out the video Joby made for the case, which plays out something like the iPad Kama Sutra. [Joby via Wired]


Same price as the otterbox