John Carmack Says iPhone As Powerful as Dreamcast, More Powerful Than DS and PSP Combined

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We're all for making hyperbolic statements about how powerful the iPhone is as a gaming system, but John Carmack's taking things to the next level. As you remember, Sega has previously said that the iPhone is as powerful as their Dreamcast system, and EA has previously said that it's more powerful than the DS, but less than the PSP. Carmack, on the other hand, is having none of this. He says that it's more powerful than "a Nintendo DS and PSP combined." Combined! Like, if you taped the two together and had them working simultaneously, he's saying it won't be as good as an iPhone!

He also goes on to say that it's almost as strong as a PlayStation 2 and an Xbox 1 at launch. Think back to the games you played on the PS2 and Xbox. Now think of the games you're playing on the iPhone. Doesn't quite match up, does it?


It's strange to us that Carmack is throwing out so much hype for Apple, seeing as he's got a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with the company.

The verdict is also out on whether Apple has a concrete grasp of gaming, the id co-founder said. The company's reception to criticism has also been counterintuitive, which has led to its relationship with id being something akin to a roller-coaster ride.

Apple essentially kisses his ass when they need him to show up for one of Steve Jobs' keynotes, but then throws him the cold shoulder the second he passes judgment, Carmack said.

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I am sitting on my desk watching crash bandicoot kart running on my ipod touch...and all i can say is....O RLY??