“I don’t think I’ve ever thought about a single role more,” Cho said, talking about how he thought about Spike and the show “every day” while doing his yearlong physical therapy. The first season was finished with his brand new knee, and he’s happy that things are going well. “So far, so good,” he joked while knocking on wood. “I’m supposed to be at 100 percent, but don’t test me.”


Among other things, Cho’s still known for playing Sulu in the Star Trek reboots, and between that and Bebop, it appears he can’t stay away from sci-fi. When asked by Reggie Watts if he’d ever consider filming a movie in space, like what Tom Cruise is planning to eventually do, Cho responded “yes” with the seriousness of a child who was just asked if they wanted a new toy. “If you can learn the piano,” he said to Corden, “I can actually go into space.” Maybe that can be the plan for if Bebop gets a second season.

Cowboy Bebop is out now on Netflix.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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