John McAfee Says He's Innocent and Thinks the Murder Was Actually Meant for Him

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John McAfee, the anti-virus software kingpin, is wanted for murder in Belize. He says he didn't do it. And that the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Faull, might have actually been meant for him. The weirdness that surrounds McAfee is getting even crazier.


In an interview with Wired, McAfee (who's on the run from Belize police) told them that he knows nothing about the murder of Faull:

Asked what he knows about the shooting, McAfee said, "Nothing—other than I heard he had been shot." In fact, McAfee added, he's worried that whoever shot Faull may have actually been gunning for him. "I thought maybe they were coming for me. They mistook him for me. They got the wrong house," he said. "He's dead. They killed him. It spooked me out."


McAfee had seen the Belizean police coming on Sunday afternoon and had to hide from them by "burying himself in the sand with a cardboard box over his head so he could breathe." He said if the police were to find him, they would kill him. Even still, McAfee absolutely loves it in Belize and has no plans to leave the country even though he's on the run from the authorities. In fact, he still considers it the "nicest place on Earth". How nice can a place be when you're afraid the police is going to kill you when they bring you in for questioning? Read more about McAfee's interview with Wired here. [Wired]

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Upon seeing a box moving in the middle of the sand, local police had this to say: "!"