John Scalzi's Old Man's War is headed to the big screen

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Paramount has purchased the rights to John Scalzi's Old Man's War, a novel about an elderly man who trades in his old body for a new model. An Ender's Game movie and now this?


Move over superheroes, space wars are the future of film!

Deadline is reporting that Scalzi's novel is going to get made into a movie. Wolfgang Petersen (Enemy Mine, Das Boot) is attached to direct and screenwriter David Self is adapting the series "into a large-scale science fiction project."

Here's a quickie synopsis of the heavy plot:

The hero is a 75-year old man who, having lost the love of his life, is amenable to trading his old carcass for a younger, genetically enhanced body so that he can combine the experience of age with the strength of youth and join an outer space military coalition sent to protect human colonies in outer space. Inductees agree to leave their past lives on earth behind, and are promised land on distant human colonies if they live. Injured in battle, he's rescued by a special-forces officer who seems to be a younger version of his wife. She doesn't recognize him, but he's so convinced he has another chance with her that he abandons his unit and risks everything to be with her.

The author himself addressed the news over at his blog:

Yes, I'm very happy with the team putting it together. I've been an admirer of Wolfgang Petersen's for a long time now, both as a director and as someone whose films do great business here and abroad, and I think he's a very good fit for Old Man's War. Scott Stuber is likewise a very smart and savvy producer, and someone who knows how to shepherd a film through the process right to the big screen. Screenwriter David Self has done some great work adapting material (see: The Road to Perdition), so I was very happy to hear he was operating on my work. I'm also very pleased to be at Paramount, who knows their way around making, marketing and distributing very large science fiction and adventure films. Basically, a good fit all the way around.


But does this news mean that Paramount is keen to make an ongoing Old Man's War franchise and adapt all of the books in his series ? Scalzi addressed this in the comments as well:

As a practical matter, the rest of the books in the series should be understood to be off the table.


If you have even more pressing questions about this big screen adaptation, we suggest you post your congratulations, questions and concerns over at Scalzi's site.



Fuck. He does not abandon his unit. I just read this book. Good read, by the way. He finds a way to join his wife's Special Forces unit and becomes the only Earth born soldier to ever serve in the Special Forces. Hollywood is going to fuck this one up just like they did with Starship Troopers. It might be an ok movie in its own right, but call it something else if you're going to change fundamental parts of the plot.

I'm really torn between, "Cool!!" and "Do Not Want."