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John Williams will officially score Star Wars: Episode VII

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Legendary film composer John Williams, the man behind the music for all six Star Wars films and master of the science fictional leitmotif, will return to score Star Wars: Episode VII! Here's what he has to say about his return to the Star Wars universe – including his thoughts on director J.J. Abrams.

Williams clearly hopes to feature past themes in his new score, though he admits he still hasn't seen Episode VII's script – but then, he says, that's part of his process:

I always prefer not to read scripts, and even no to hear stories and look at cue cards and so on, and wait for the moment of discovery, with the audience, of the film itself. so I'm as surprised as they are, and I know where to put the surprise button, having not been prepared by a script.

I'm waiting anxiously like the audience around the world to find out what the surprises are and discover what my continuing role is going to be.


He also (perhaps unsurprisingly) gives a glowing endorsement to both Lucasfilms president Kathleen Kennedy and J.J. Abrams:

They are two people that I think are perfectly chosen to continue George Lucas' great odyssey. They're both young, they're both extremely gifted. Have tremendous energy

I think the combination of their youth and their experience and their energy and gifts – if I'd been asked – I wasn't – but if I'd been asked by the various boards of directors: "Find me two people to take this project on to the next step," I would certainly have voted for them. We couldn't find better candidates for this opportunity.


Williams' official return is fantastic news. Here's hoping they have the good sense to keep him onboard for Eps. VIII and IX.