John Woo Directs A Gun-Blasting, Severed-Claw-Slashing Showdown In Space

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The John Woo-directed pilot for a 2004 Lost In Space remake is mostly a giant snooze, but this action sequence, featuring pew-pew gunplay, exploding spaceships, and a clever use of severed claws, made us smile.

I especially like the dumb kid doing an Adric for no particular reason.

The main reason to be grateful for The Robinsons: Lost In Space is that the awesome mothership sets got sold off to Battlestar Galactica extra cheap, where they became the Battlestar Pegasus. It's vitally awesome that Admiral Cain had a great CIC in which to plot her atrocities from. Also, it sounds like Bear McCreary did the music for this show, too, and worked out a lot of ideas that he later used on BSG. John Woo — BSG's secret benefactor? In any case, after watching this, we'd happily pay to see John Woo direct more space battles. The whole pilot's on YouTube, so check it out.