Jony Ive: High School Drummer, to Apple Superstar

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In a sea of Jobs biographies, it's a nice change to read about the British-born Jonathan Ive. Who would've thought that designing a toilet would lead him to Cupertino, and to Apple's basement where he spent years toiling away unnoticed before Jobs scooped him up and gave him the opportunity he deserved?

The Daily Mail spoke to various people about Ive, including the editor of Cult Of Mac, Leander Kahney, who spoke of the secrecy that shrouds the design team at Cupertino. Reportedly Ive and the dozen or so designers work along to house DJ music, creating prototypes on 3D printers that "never even make it out of the lab."

Design author Stephen Bayley recalled Ive describing the MacBook Air to him as going as far as you can get with aluminum "before you start disrupting molecules." Like aluminum, this biography is probably as close as you'll get to Ive before you start disrupting the Apple PR machine. It's certainly worth a read for anyone who's ever stuck those white earbuds in their ears. [Daily Mail]