Joost to be Embedded in TVs, Cellphones, Set-top Boxes, Bagel Toasters

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Internet TV software Joost doesn't want to lose any position in the infinite video wars. They want to move out of the PC box as soon as possible and that's why they are getting ready to embed their software in TV sets with Internet connections, cellphones, set-top boxes and any other "future device" they could get their hands on.

Or at least that's what CEO Michelangelo Volpi is suggesting with his yadda-yadda about Joost being "just a piece of software that can be installed everywhere." He also said to the New York Times that they want NBC, Fox and Disney on board "because we are an attractive place given the numbers of users we have."


I don't know about what impressive number users they have now, but if they want to move out of the PC and into the real world, my guess it that NBC, Fox and Disney—who are already in the living room—are not that impressed. Or looking from the other side, if they are an attractive place to be in, why do they want to move into other spaces?

We will see what happens in the future, if they can get their way out: first they will need to convince hardware manufacturers that all the other guys are wrong and they are right. Given the current video craze, I wish them good luck with that.

Joost everywhere, embedded in hardware [The Register]

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I *really* hope Joost fixes its networking problems before they try to tackle something as ambitious as making an embedded version. It is probably the most firewall/proxy-unfriendly piece of software I have ever used. It basically will not work with anything short of a direct connection to the internet (no router/proxy/firewall). I opened all the ports they claim they need, and nothing short of completely disabling my firewall worked. I contacted their tech support about this and was told this was necessary to determine what country you were from for content/legal reasons. If that's really true, I don't know how Joost will ever truly take off, because in this day and age I don't know who in their right mind connects to the internet directly without some sort of firewall or proxy as a buffer.