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Josh Gad's Ghostbusters Reunion Features Behind-the-Scenes Magic and Cameos Galore

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The Ghostbusters.
The Ghostbusters.
Photo: Sony Pictures

There’s nothing natural about ghosts, but Ghostbusters appearing on Reunited Apart just feels right.

Reunited Apart is the YouTube show put together by actor Josh Gad in which he reunites the casts of classic films, over Zoom, for charity. It started with The Goonies, and went on to Back to the Future, Splash, and Lord of the Rings. Today, Gad reunited the cast of Ghostbusters, which fits right in with the nerdy nostalgia films he’s already covered. Half the fun of these is not knowing what’s gonna happen, or who’s gonna show up, so we won’t spoil it here. Suffice to say, it’s worth a watch, otherwise, we wouldn’t have written about it.


That was wonderful. Especially Bill Murray wearing the Stay Puft hat, Sigourney Weaver’s stories, the Harold Ramis discussion, and the deeper cut cameos at the end. It’s also encouraging to hear Jason Reitman say the delay of Ghostbusters: Afterlife due to covid-19 is helping him reevaluate the movie.

But, of course, with Gad soon to appear in Shrunk with an actor by the name of Rick Moranis, it’s a little sad that Moranis only gets mentioned and doesn’t pop up here. He probably doesn’t want to get the “Why aren’t you in the new Ghostbusters?” questions but it would have just been great to see him.


No word on what Gad does next for Reunited Apart, but a few we’d like to see would be as follows: Raiders of the Lost Ark, A League of Their Own, The Lost Boys, and Coming to America, just to name a few. Tell us your dream reunions in the comments below.

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