Just £10,000 can now get you a full-body morphsuit Tattoo, because WHY

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Morphsuits have become an easy and relatively cheap way of getting a costume together - but have you ever thought about skipping the spandex and just tattooing the suit onto your body? No? Well, if you ever do and have ten grand to spare, the original company behind the morphsuit offer such a service.


The Edinburgh-based Morphcostumes revealed the initiative today (a move that I'm sure has nothing to do with getting their name in the public eye just before Halloween), offering the ability to turn any one of their designs - featuring the likes of licensed characters like Iron Man or the Power Rangers, to more out there designs like creepy clown patterns or... err, a collage of Nic Cages - into a permanent full body Tattoo, for the low low price of £10,000, which is roughly sixteen thousand dollars. Yeah. Company co-founder Gregor Lawson had this to say about the 'MorphTattoo':

We think a good costume should be for life, not just Halloween, which is where our MorphTattoo idea came from. It's just a result of us thinking differently about costumes, which we've been doing since we launched the Morphsuit.

We have had people telling us all year that they never take off their MorphCostume, some people have said they are willing to wear a Morphsuit every day for 24 hours a day for 365 days, so now we're making that an option with our MorphTattoo option.

It's not something we expect to have mass appeal, but for those costume fanatics out there, it's now an option.

Well, I'm glad that they don't expect the idea to have wide appeal, because who in god's name would do this? Take a look at that picture in the header, then imagine that those suits were replaced by full body tattoos.

Yeah, don't blame me for the nightmares your brain just conjured up. Especially the ones about the husky male Pink Ranger leading the pack.

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This guy doesn't want anyone to realize he spent 10,000 on a tattoo and is completely naked (bar the helmet).

Either that or it's appropriate to do that "I have the weirdest boner right now" meme.

He's the only one covering his crotch!