Just How Big is an Airbus A380?

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This magnificent shot by Andrew Hunt, taken with a Nikon D70, shows the huge Airbus A380 decked out in Singapore Airlines livery and crossing a bridge at Changi Airport in Singapore. But look, what's that in front of it on the runway? Why, some airheaded Mac fanboy forgot his MacBook, whose 12.7-inch width is positively dwarfed by the gigantic Airbus A380's 239 foot, 6 inch length. Get out of the way, little MacBook!

Okay, okay, the MacBook was just photoshopped in there for fun! [Airliners.net]

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That thing looks like it's hydrocephalic. The Boeing BWB is going to own this thing for moving massive numbers of people, especially since it'll be able to land at pretty much any airport.