Just in Time Watch Concept

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A concept by Martin Frey, a designer, the Just in Time Watch allows you to get relevant appointment information with just a glance. The JIT Watch is a "thinking" watch, which means it interfaces with your Bluetooth phone to coordinate your schedule.


Once interfaced, the JIT Watch can use GPS to know where you are, when and hwere your next appointment is, and when you should leave. This way, the watch can quickly show you how much time is left until your appointment, how much time you have until you're supposed to leave for your appointment, and how late you are if you haven't already left.

Oh, and we think it tells time as well.

JITWatch [Nextlust]


The makers of the watch are leaving out a step or two in the time calculations. They are not accounting for traffic jams, etc. and what about the optimal travel routes? The watch would need to be tied into some sort of DOT reporting and good mapping sw.

I'm all for using tech to make life better, but this is bordering on a device that just helps "dumb down" mankind by reducing the need to make a simple mental calculation.

If you don't use it, you lose it.

The next thing we'll see is a poor man's automatic car driver. Except this wonderful piece of techno goodiness will be positioned in the passenger area, or optimally in the backseat, and will calculate for you when you have enough time to pull out of an intersection.

It will say, "It is safe to go."

You hesitate a moment to do the mental behind the scenes calculation for yourself. The Auto-Driver gets annoyed.

"Go NOW!"

You disagree with the Auto-Driver, or want to pick your nose a second or put on make up.

"Damnit, GO NOW!"

The next thing you know, your sitting there arguing with your smart-ass car, specifically pointing out who is actually in the drivers seat.

Uh, nevermind... we already have these.