Just Watching Video of Six Flags' Dizzying New Spinning Ride Is Making Me Want to Puke

Gif: YouTube

Every summer, amusement parks across the country compete to lure visitors with bigger, faster, and more terrifying thrill rides. This year, Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is hoping that people will actually line up to ride its new Cyborg Cyber Spin that churns stomachs along three different axes.

The ride is reminiscent of those spinning, human-sized gyroscopes that astronauts supposedly used to prep for their time in space, or the giant inter-dimensional wormhole machine from the movie Contact. As amusement park rides go, its design is relatively simple and straightforward, but watching the onboard test footage embedded below is proof that riding Cyborg might be even better than a roller coaster when it comes to revisiting the corndog and Dippin’ Dots you had at lunch.


[YouTube via BoingBoing]


Good Lord, how many of those things did Hadden make?

Second rule of government spending: why build one when you can have three at thrice the price?