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One day we'll probably take for granted the ability to just tell our devices and appliances what we want or need, but for now voice-controlled technology is new and novel. The latest appliance to start listening to our demands is LG's new Whispen air conditioner, although the tall free-standing device looks more like a droid.


The Whispen also boasts whisper quiet operation, presumably facilitated by the unit's size and larger fans, but it's also a feature that seems necessary for the air conditioner to hear and recognize voice commands from almost 17 feet away. It can also be controlled wirelessly from a smartphone app when you're out of shouting range, and LG decided to cram a security camera in there too which can be remotely monitored when you're away from home. Perfect for catching intruders in the act, or monitoring your frigid home for signs of frost. [LG via Ubergizmo]

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