Justin Timberlake Soon to Be Crying a River as Partial MySpace Owner

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Let's cut to the obvious irony of this news: in The Social Network, Justin Timberlake played a web-savvy entrepreneur who kickstarted a unfathomably successful... social network. But in real life, Justin Timberlake just bought part of MySpace! Ha ha ha.

We're not sure how much of his cash he sunk into this sinking-est of sinking ships, but, man, wouldn't buying a bunch of Chipotle franchises or opening a club have been an easier business deal? Certainly one less likely to fail miserably. But Justin's never taken the easy way out of things—oh no. Except in that movie where he just has mindless sex with Mila Kunis for two hours. Ah well. Enjoy your share of this ill-fated $35 million transaction, Mr. Timberlake! [Mashable]


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