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JVC continues its run away from video tape and onto hard drives with its Everio GZ-M505 camcorder, a higher-end consumer model with three CCDs and 30GB hard disk. That amount of space will give you 7 hours of its highest quality video, or 10 hours of what the company calls "DVD camcorder quality."

JVC touts higher image quality with this model, where it can shoot in a native 16x9 resolution of 1173 x 660. That's a cut above standard definition, but not quite HD. There's a 10x optical zoom, and you get 5-megapixel still shooting, and oh yeah, you can store 10,000 stills on that on that 60-gig disk. Only thing we don't much like about this camera is its price, $1300. For that much money, you can get a high-definition camcorder from Sony. The GZ-M505 will be available this July.


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