JVC Finds a Clever Shortcut To an 8K Projector

Illustration for article titled JVC Finds a Clever Shortcut To an 8K Projector

Given 4K TVs and cameras are only just starting to hit the market, there's not a lot of 8K components to be had just yet. But that isn't stopping JVC from rolling out one of the first 8K projectors, that's actually built on 4K technology.


So are the company's 8K claims just marketing nonsense? Not exactly. The DLA-VS4800 technically only has a 4K, 4,096 x 2,400 display panel, but the projector actually throws two images at the same time, alternating at 120Hz and shifted diagonally by a single pixel which essentially doubles the resolution. To the viewer it ends up looking like an 8K image—more or less—because we're assuming the projector can still only accept a 4K source.

So is being able to say you have the first projector capable of showing a pseudo-8K image really worth the $262,000+ that JVC is asking for it? Probably not, particularly since that doesn't even include the cost of one of the projector's four optional lenses that will have you digging even deeper into your pocket. [JVC Japan via AV Watch]


This isn't how math works. You need four 4k panels to achieve 8k resolution.