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At first glance, JVC's GR-D650 MiniDV camcorder looks to be simply jumping on the pastel-colored bandwagon, but take a closer look and you'll see there are some innovative features in this low-cost palm-sized shooter. Open the LCD viewscreen and the power is turned on, placing the camcorder in standby mode, plus there's a 15x optical zoom along with an easier-to-use on-screen menu system. The battery shows you how much juice it has left, giving you an indicator of how much longer it will last if you use the LCD viewscreen or if you don't.

There's a rather weird feature that retains real-time audio while recording video in slow motion. Not sure how that would sync up, but hey, its innovative. Looks like a lot of camera for $550. It will be available in Japan on May 13.


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