K-9 Series Premiere Goes Up Against Doctor Who's Return

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The not-at-all ill-advised K-9 series has announced the date of its UK and Australia premiere. The show debuts Saturday, April 3 - which just happens to be when an obscure little science fiction show called Doctor Who makes its return.


The new K-9 children's show - which I'm sure the BBC would appreciate me pointing out is not directly affiliated with the actual Doctor Who franchise in any way - will be first broadcast on the UK's Disney XD channel at 4:00 pm. Matt Smith's debut as the Eleventh Doctor airs later that evening at 6:20 pm on BBC One.

This is kind of a brilliant move on the part of the K9 creators and broadcasters. The show is very explicitly a kid's show and its premiere would otherwise be unlikely to attract much fanfare - consider that it airs the same day on Australia's Ten Network at the slightly less prime time slot of 9:30 in the morning. But airing it on the one day of the year that interest in Doctor Who is at its absolute peak, when fans of the show will be looking for just about anything even vaguely Who-related to pass the time until the Matt Smith era begins? Well-played, K-9. Well-played indeed.

[via The Doctor Who News Page]



I really hope the theme music incorporates a remix of this: