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My favorite behavioral experiment was when they put baby monkeys in a cage with two people dressed like monkeys. There was the "hug" monkey/human that would hug and cuddle all the time and the "play" monkey that would roughhouse all the time. They found that the baby monkey would get scared and run to the hug monkey and then go play with the play monkey until it got scared again. This radio will be my hug monkey.

The Kapo Super Monkie, which translates to something like "Super Stealing Monkey," apparently, is an FM radio inside of a monkey head. The switches are embedded in the hair of the monkey and there's a tuning dial in the ear, I think. All I know is that I'd set this thing on a numbers station and fall asleep to the lilting tones of a woman repeating "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" over and over again while sucking on the Monkie's nose.


Kapo Super Monkie radio [CNET Asia]

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