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Keane Releasing Next Single in a Flash Drive

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Brit-band Keane is set to release their new Single Nothing In My Way on a thumb drive. Neat, because they incorporate new technology to add videos, screensavers, and other tracks into the offering. Everybody's Changing, so if you're the record industry, it's nice that Your Open Eyes are seeing that digital distribution Can't Stop Now.


The thumb drive will cost 3.99 ($7.46), and it may Bend & Break, which if it does for me, This is the Last Time that I buy into such a gimmick. In fact, if the single sucks, We Might As Well Be Strangers.

Idolator [via Guardian]

p.s. Somewhere Only We Know, She Has No Time, Sunshine, Bedshaped.

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Gotta admit - I love the "music" theme of the posts today. More tech & music love guys!

The Senko mirror headline, this Keane thing... keep 'em coming, no music pun is too short, too dumb or too 1981!