Keanu Reeves And Roland Emmerich Are Remaking The Matrix (More Or Less)

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Keanu Reeves is teaming up with the father of disaster porn, Roland Emmerich, to bring something that sounds a lot like The Matrix to television. The series is called New Angeles. Get it? You get it.

Coming Soon is reporting that Slingshot Global Media is partnering with Roland Emmerich's Centropolis to bring an alternate reality TV series to life, with Emmerich on to direct and executive produce the new series. According to the press release, Stephen Hamel and Keanu Reeves from Company Films brought the project to Emmerich.

But more importantly let's talk about the premise, which sounds a lot like The Matrix. Here's the official synopsis:

The show will be set in the future, based around a young man who escapes the mundane reality of his life by entering an exciting virtual reality world called New Angeles. Once down the rabbit hole, he adopts a new identity, becoming the man he was always destined to be, and in the process, unlocking the keys to a mystery that has real world consequences for him and his family.


So far it doesn't sound like Reeves is interested in starring, but who knows what will happen in the future? For now both they remain producers. Gregg Hurwitz (V) who is also another producer, is charged with writing the pilot. Hurwitz, you have to put in at least one Neo joke, please!