Keanu Reeves To Play Selfish Cryo Creep In Scifi Romance Feature

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Keanu Reeves latest character in the the space love story Passengers is stuck between a rock and a cryogenically frozen body. We're not sure if we agree with Reeves' drastic response, but it's gotta be better than The Lakehouse.

The film Passengers is set in the future, on board a spacecraft where the crew is making 100-year trip to a new planet via cryogenic sleep. Unfortunately for Keanu, his character is woken up a mere 10 years into the journey. Which means he can spend the rest of his life alone aboard the journeying ship, for 90 years. Or wake up another crew member, so they too can spend the last 90 years of their life in agony, trapped on board with an emotionless Keanu. So what does he do? Wake up the hottest chick, thus dooming her to an entire life with Keanu. Men.

At least, it does sound interesting, and hopefully the film will address the woman being pissed as hell to wake up to a life aboard a spaceship - does it even have food or cable? Who knows? The film was written by Jon Spaihts, who also wrote the new Ridley Scott Alien prequel, so maybe it will have some hard science-fiction edge to it? The director is Gabriele Muccino (The Pursuit of Happyness), who wants a "lesser known star" to take on the role of the woman.