Keep Those Eyes on the Road with Globaltop Heads-Up Display

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If you're a jet pilot or you've driven a Corvette, you know what a great idea it is to have a heads-up display. It projects that vital info right in front of you, looking like it's hovering just in front of the car. That lets you keep your eyes on the road, where they belong, especially at high speed.


That's what the Globaltop Heads-Up Display does, giving you a speedometer as well as GPS directions and your cellphone info via Bluetooth in a display that hangs out there in front of you. You can also set it to nag you if you speed. Uh, no thanks. No pricing was announced, but you can be sure it'll cost less than a Corvette, or especially an F16.

Globaltop Heads-Up Display [Devicepedia]

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Now, if the display is shining onto the window surface, I wonder if it's visible from the outside. If you're following a cop and speeding, and he sees the display in his rear-view mirror, he'll see your speed, right?

On the other hand, with it's GPS capabilities, you can always enter in "Fuck You, Asshole Dr." as a destination.