Keurig-Like Miracle-Gro Seed Pods Make Gardening Idiot-Proof

Whether you’re a fan of Keurig coffee machines or not, the product delivery method known as the ‘pod’ is here to stay. In the case of Miracle-Gro’s Gro-ables, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The pods make planting a garden almost completely idiot-proof. Unless you find using a hose a challenge.


Unlike Keurig’s coffee pods that won’t even be recyclable until the year 2020, Miracle-Gro’s seed pods are completely biodegradable. In fact, that’s exactly how they’re supposed to be used. Planting a garden is as easy as peeling off the lid, jamming the pod into a pot full of soil or directly into the ground, and then adding water every day.

Inside each pod are non-GMO seeds, available in various varieties of vegetables, a mulch-like growing material, and plant food. As the plant grows, the biodegradable shell slowly breaks down, allowing the roots to expand.

At $2 per pod they’re not as cheap as buying a bag of seeds. But for those of us born without a green thumb, they’re an easy and almost a sure-fire way to guarantee a garden will grow and flourish with little chance of you screwing things up.


[Miracle-Gro via Notcot]

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