Illustration for article titled Kevlar Smokejumper Belts Can Survive Infinite Buffet Trips

Worried about blowing a buckle the next time you binge at your local buffet? Best Made's belts are made from the same material as the harnesses that allow smokejumpers to safelty parachute into a raging inferno.


So with 10,000 pounds of tensile strength, an 800°F melting point, and buckles load tested to 2500 pounds, I'm fairly certain these belts will keep your pants up even under the harshest of conditions. For added measure the kevlar material used is resistant to abrasions, cuts, chemicals, and even damage from sunlight.

What's most amazing is the price; a mere $42 available in yellow, red, or navy in various sizes. That's like getting an armored tank for the price of a small car! [Best Made via Uncrate]


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