Keyport Production Video Shows Why It's Great For Motorcycles

The $295 Keyport that allows you to combine six keys into one slick-looking device is near the Optimus Keyboard on the scale of totally overpriced things we would really love to have. Their production videos show you at least part of what your three hundred bones go toward: manufacturing. A machine that urinates water onto key slides doesn't come cheap.

On the other hand, this thing seems fantastic for bikes. Unlike regular keychains that scratch up your finish when you leave them dangling from the ignition, the Keyport sticks straight up and out. We don't ride one ourselves (we like our brains on the inside of our skulls) and can't tell you if this is really great, but it seems fairly easy to break off your key inside of the bike this way. [Keyport]



Nice idea, but nothing new. All you're paying for is some fancy machining, which as I see in the video isn't even done by hand. It is nearly all CNC machining: any idiot can load the block in and press the 'go' button.

There is one thing that had made this device obsolete before it is even released: RFID/coded keys. Looking at the website, they claim this is a feature, but look a little deeper, and you'll find that it is 'still under development'. With most new cars and even high end bikes incorporating coded keys, you'll be SOL when you wanted to add it to your keyport.

They also state that 'all standard keys are compatible'. What exactly is a standard key? I wasn't aware there was any industry wide standard when it came to keys. If keyport could get all automotove and lock manufacturers to adhere to a single standard, then this device would be worth it. But they didn't, so it is not.

Looking at my own keyring, I have more keys than a single keyport could handle. In my opinion, the keyport is an expensive and inadequate solution to a problem that really doesn't exist.