KFC is putting original recipe herbs and spices on boneless chicken. We ate it.

What Is It

See name. Or, a big chicken tender.


Bigger than strips! Also browner.


Using It

These actually do taste like original recipe, though they're a little drier than regular chicken pieces or other strips. PROBABLY BETTER THAN POPEYE'S STRIPS PLEASE DON'T HURT ME.

The Best Part

Tasty! It's a big chicken tender that tastes how KFC is supposed to taste.

Tragic Flaw

Dry. Chicken bones aren't just meat handles, they also help keep moisture and flavor in the meat around them.


Should You Buy This

Hell yes! (That is not a vomit face, it's a look of skepticism turning to trying to take an even gianter bite because it's good.)


Price: 2-piece dark/white meat combo $5; 6-piece $15
Size (approx): 2 x 4 inches
Herbs/Spices: 11