Kick-Ass Prepares To Kick Ass At SDCC

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Fans hoping to see a trailer for the adaptation of "realistic superhero" comic Kick-Ass at San Diego will be disappointed next week... until they see the footage that director Matthew Vaughan thinks offer a better preview of the movie.


Vaughan explained to MTV's Splash Page blog that he's wary of Kick-Ass seeming like just another "great trailer for [a] crap movie," so he'd rather show off actual scenes from the upcoming movie instead:

We are a genuine comic book adaptation with comic book authors involved in the production of the movie... It's really important to me that fans of the comic like the film. I'll be more upset if fans of the comic hate the movie than anybody else.

As to what scenes to expect, Vaughan still isn't entirely sure, but teased unpolished rawness:

There will be at least four scenes from the first act... then a minute's montage of what's going to happen in the next two acts... I'm literally sitting here and editing right now. It's coming straight from the Avid [video editor], so it's not going to be some highly polished thing like everybody else's.

The Kick-Ass panel takes place Thursday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con.

Matthew Vaughn Reveals What He's Bringing To The 'Kick-Ass' Comic-Con Panel [MTV Splash Page]




Maybe because I haven't read the comic, but I just can't seem to muster any enthusiasm for this one. And I loved Vaughan's last movie, Stardust.