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Kick Off Your Weekend With These Videos: 8-Bit Art, Slow-Mo Drills, iOS6, and More

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Your brain can melt trying to keep up with the endless torrent of video content on the web each day. That's why we are here to ease your fatigue with the best videos of the week. Enjoy!

Ten Bets You're Guaranteed to Always Win

Richard Wiseman is back with another collection of clever tricks and simple science experiments that you can finally use for profit, and not just entertaining your friends.


"This is The Piece of Equipment That I Built to Make Big Wooden Balls"

There is something about a giant sphere that conjures thoughts of cosmic mystery. But this particular sphere is made out of the most earthly and primitive of materials: wood.


iOS 6 Hands On: All the Cool New Superpowers

The new iOS 6 is the most exciting rendition in a loooooooong time. The ol' girl was starting to feel stale—but no longer! We've got our sweaty hands on an iOS 6 iPhone for a quick tour. Join us.

Vintage Video Review of McDonald's Breakfast Pre-Dates YouTube in the Most YouTubey Way Possible

Some of you may be surprised to discover that fast food reviews weren't invented by bored teens on YouTube (or bloggers at Gizmodo).


This Jetbike Looks Like the Most Fun You Could Ever Have On the Water

The Jetovator follows in the footsteps of those water-powered jetpacks that have been all the rage as of late. But instead of strapping into a backpack-like contraption ala The Rocketeer, the Jetovator has you sitting on a wheelless water-propelled motorcycle.


This Slow Motion Metal Drilling Video Is So Damn Satisfying

I love slow motion videos in general, but there's something extra-satisfying about this one: a fixed Japanese OSG Mega Muscle Drill getting its way inside a block of carbon steel rotating at 3,183 revolutions per minute. I can't stop watching those chips flying out.


The Aesthetics and Culture of 8-Bit Art, Adorably Explained

Almost all members of Generation Y, aka the 'Millenials,' have some sort of relationship to, or remembrance of 8-bit. PBS delves into the distinct style in their latest Off Book video.


Image: Shutterstock, user: Vlue