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This Jetbike Looks Like the Most Fun You Could Ever Have On the Water

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Jetovator follows in the footsteps of those water-powered jetpacks that have been all the rage as of late. But instead of strapping into a backpack-like contraption ala The Rocketeer, the Jetovator has you sitting on a wheelless water-propelled motorcycle.

Like the jetpacks that have come before it, the Jetovator is tethered by a long hose which connects to the water jet outlet on a nearby personal water craft. So while you're not free to roam wherever you want, the lack of a heavy engine on board lets the rider rocket up to 30 feet into the air, or dive down as deep as 10 feet underwater.

The Jetovator kit will set you back almost $9,000, and while that includes the bike, 50 feet of hose, and all the plumbing adapters you'll need, it doesn't include the personal water craft which is needed to power it. So all-in-all it's not a cheap water toy by any means, but you'll never have this much fun on a paddlewheel boat. [Jetovator via Gizmag]