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Corey Menscher, in a fit of fatherly devotion, constructed a device that notifies him when his unborn baby kicks inside the womb. Even better, he's training his kid to post on Twitter right from conception.


The Kickbee is a wearable device made of elastic and a whole mess of sensors and electronics. Piezo sensors detect the baby's movement and transmit electrical charges to an Arduino Mini microcontroller, which in turn transmits the data to a Java application via Bluetooth. This Java app deciphers the meaning of the signals, and posts on Twitter when it determines the baby has kicked.

The actual Twitter posts are somewhere between adorable and hilarious, and I think the sensors might be a little too sensitive:

"Wow I'm being very active! I kicked Mommy 84 times at 03:44AM on Thu, Dec 11!"
12:46 AM Dec 11th from web.


Kudos to Corey for the project! [MAKE]

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