Kicker Warhorse 10,000-Watt Car Stereo Amp Ensures Complete Neighbor Alienation

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If you're looking for the biggest, baddest-ass mofo car stereo amplifier you can get, you might want to consider this 10,000-watt Warhorse from Kicker. The WX 10000.1 weighs a hefty 67 pounds, and that 10kW power stream is enough to slam-dunk you and your subwoofers with its highly refined power. You're not going to be able to install this in just any car, though, because it requires eight 12-volt batteries to get the thing going, and you'll also need two 200-amp alternators.

Sheesh. It'll not only break the windows in your car, but maybe every window within 50 feet of where were you're driving as well as the sanity of all those within earshot. Not only will you be first required to drop serious bucks on a car audio system worthy of such power, one of these amps will cost you a buck a watt—$10,000 total. Look at the monster specs of this beast:

Kicker WX10000.1 Mono Channel Amplifier Specifications:

Mono-Channel Model (at 14.4V)

Power (watts), Signal-Modulated 2 Ohm mono: 10,000 x 1

Dimensions: 3.75″ x 17.75″ x 35″

Frequency Response (Hz): 20-200, +0/-1dB

Input Sensitivity: 170mV-5V

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 95dB, a-weighted, re: rated power

Low-Pass Crossover: 24dB/octave, variable 50-200Hz

High-Pass, Subsonic Crossover: 24dB/octave, variable 20-60Hz

KICKEQ Bass Boost: Variable to +18dB, centered at 40Hz

Warhouse Control Module: Available separately

Weight: 67 lbs.


[Kicker, via Audio Junkies]

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Maybe I've been out of the game for a while, but it says it puts out 10kW at 2ohms. Who has 2ohm speakers? If you use 4ohm speakers which are much more common the wattage drops in half, so you're only getting 5000 watts. AND if you use 2 or more speakers you're dropping the power again, so you're only putting out 2500 wats per channel.

Also, it's not the amount of watts that makes music louder, it's the amount of air that a speaker can move at once. If you've got really efficient speakers they will be louder with 100 watts than shit speakers on 1000 watts. That's why the original Tivoli systems sound so good. They use good speakers and well-designed enclosures to make the best with the power they have.

Still, I'm waiting for some schmoe to hook this thing up to his Radio Shack 6x9s and blow the glass out of his camaro.