Kidnappers Trade Victim for an Xbox 360

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A man recently kidnapped his employee—who happens to be his son-in-law—because he thought the guy stole $245 worth of rings. He assaulted the younger man before finally setting him free in exchange for a neighbor's Xbox 360.


Joshua Seal and a co-worker, Bradley Marshall, captured Allen Begley by telling him they needed his help to move a saw. They took the younger man into a room, locked the door, and proceeded to give him a beating:

Begley told his kidnappers that he didn't have the money, before being forced to call family and friends to find someone who could stump up the cash. Begley got through to his mother in law, Linda Begley. She also spoke with Joshua Seal who told her that he had already given Allen a black eye and would hurt him more if he didn't get the money.

Linda Begley managed to get hold of a neighbour, who offered up his Xbox 360 in return for the release of the captive.


Everyone involved met up in a convenience store parking lot and Begley was traded for the Xbox 360. Later on, police officers were contacted and Seal and Marshall were arrested. The men are being charged with Especially Aggravated Kidnapping. [Tricities via Wired UK]

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