Kids Filming Joy Ride With GoPro Forget That They Left a Very Expensive Camera on Top of the Car

In 1992, my dad left his shoes on top of his car. He saw them an hour later on the feet of a guy walking down the road. Those shoes fared better than the $1,000 camera owned by this kid’s dad.


According to a post on Reddit, the kid left his dad’s camera—which looks like a Canon 450D—on top of his car while joy riding with friends. Thanks to the beauty of a GoPro on a selfie stick now we all get to watch the destruction of said camera, as well and the obliviousness of everyone involved. If you don’t flinch you’re a monster.

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A 450D is NOT a very expensive camera; it’s the DSLR-world’s version of the poor man’s camera. It’s like $400 with the crap kit lens.