It's so not cool to not have your sh*t togther in your first big meeting at your first big job. Remember what Mom said about dressing for the job you want, not the one that you have? Well you've apparently taken that to heart in the wardrobe department (or else you'd still be working at Chik-fil-A), but hear ye, young laptop-toter! The adage extends to your gear. And nothing's sturdier, better-looking, or easier to access than Samsonite's new collection of laptop bags.

Choose between the Quantum Checkpoint Friendly Slim Laptop Bag made of durable 420 Denier Nail Head fabric with diamond Ripstop and turbo booster bumpers for added protection, the classy Leather Two Pocket Front Flap Business Case with front pocket organization, and the Xenon Laptop Backpack with a built-in padded compartment specifically designed to carry your computer and help protect it from shocks while traveling.


So which one will impress your boss the most? Click here to start shopping now!