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Kim Dotcom: I'm Broke

Long time, no Kim Dotcom. Well, perhaps the reason the German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur has gone so quiet is because he's flat broke.


Dotcom has publicly admitted that he's entirely spent up. With a taste for the playboy lifestyle—and expensive cars in particular—it was only really a matter of time before mounting legal fees saw Dotcom's funds vanish. Now, they have.


Clearly, that electropop album and plan to encrypt the internet did quite prove lucrative enough.Who knows what will become of Dotcom in the future.

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Obviously, I cant 100% totally prove I wont turn into a over-spending asshole should I ever win the lottery.... but does anyone else think they have a firm enough sense of self that they wouldn't totally waste a fortune on frivolous stuff?

I read about so many people winning the lottery and then losing it all in short order that there's clearly some 'human nature' thing going on... but still.