Kim Dotcom Is Rambling About Starting His Own Internet

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The last time we left Kim Dotcom, he was busy poising himself as "Hilary's worst nightmare in 2016" with a brand new pretend political party, the Internet Party. Now, our future President Dotcom is busy rambling to his eventual constituents on Twitter about starting his very own Internet. You know, just as soon as he gets enough money to do something about it.


The tweets reference Kim Dotcom's supposed "Meganet," which he's been heralding for close to a year. Meganet would be a de-centralized, non-IP based network not at all unlike the block chain used by Bitcoin. And while we have yet to see any sign of the previously promised Dotcom political revolutions, this one is definitely going to happen, guys.


And if you're wondering why Dotcom is looking for a white swan logo in particular, a little journey down his Twitter feed will answer that question right up.


(WARNING: Graphic swan violence depicted below.)


And on Valentine's Day too, no less.

Dotcom-ness of it all aside, it's worth noting that this isn't a completely horrible idea. Similar—if not significantly smaller—networks have in fact been successful, like the Firechat messaging app, for instance. The chances of Kim Dotcom making good on these promises, though, are about as good as that swan's chance of walking it off.


So if you care at all about swans or a free internet or the 140-character pipe dreams of an increasingly irrelevant man, support Meganet I guess?


John Gizmodo

"The chances of Kim Dotcom making good on these promises, though, are about as good as that swan's chance of walking it off."

And you base this on what exactly? Your years of experience in building file/peer-to-peer networks and understanding of TCP/IP and other protocols?

I find all of the hating and jealousy really sad. People hate him because of his lavish lifestyle and because he's fat (yes that's right) but reality is this:

You write for a freakin' has been blog that had ridiculous crap posted non-stop and involved in some ridiculous scandals and harbors wanna be writers like you with no experience in much of what you write about. So your and Gizmodo's opinion on many topics especially as complex as this are basically worthless.

Kim created 2 massive file sharing networks before Dropbox and many others and is EXTREMELY successful at whatever he wants to do. Legal issues with file sharing aside (which is more of a hollywood lynch mob) everything Kim imagines he delivers. It's one of those things very few can claim. Many entrepreneurs would LOVE to be as successful as Kim in his ventures.

If there is ANYONE who can try to do this and make it work it's going to be him. He harbors and pays some of the brightest programming minds who don't want to work for Google and others and he rewards them appropriately. That's why most people who work for Kim or with him actually like him.

Again, if there's ANYONE who can make this idea a reality it's going to be Kim. So instead of mocking and demeaning someone who, unlike you, is super successful and wealthy and makes his ideas into reality instead of going around fuming with envy and jealousy by going around making fun of certain people, I would advise you to:

A) Learn a bit more about the people and topics you are actually mocking/writing about
B) Invest more into your own education and career instead of writing for a blog